LangSec Workshop

at IEEE Security & Privacy, May 24, 2018


We thank last year's Gold Sponsors:

and past years' sponsors: Qualcomm, Intel, ERNW, and Ionic Security.

We are looking for more sponsors of LangSec research and dissemination!

Our goal is to promote the widest possible acceptance of LangSec design principles and programming practices. Please consider sponsoring conference attendance for industry programmers, students, enthusiasts, or hackers!

Please note that the official IEEE SPW sponsorship is for the IEEE SPW 2018 program as a whole rather than for specific SPW workshops. Further information will be posted at the IEEE SPW 2018 page to explain the rules, scope, levels, and benefits of such sponsorship.

If you are interested in targeted sponsoring of LangSec research and activities, please contact the LangSec workshop organizers directly.